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Sling Vs King

Game developed within 48 hours during a Game Jam. The theme was "Mallorca".


Game for 2 players on the same keyboard.


Every time you play you have random blocks in order to build a castle:

Wood: Weak block, projectiles can go further this block

Rocks: Hard blocks they stop projectiles but can be broken

Bomb Block: Explosive block that will destroy nearby objects.

Archer Block: An archer waiting if the enemy destroys this block an archer will spawn and start to shoot arrows. If some arrow hits the other player he will lose some projectiles.

Warrior Block: Fearless warrior that will hunt the shooting player. If they touch the other player he will lose some projectiles.

King Block: This block represents you. Protect yourself! If this block gets destroyed you will lose the game.


After first player ends building his fortress you will need to aim and play a combination game to get enough speed so you can destroy your friends castle. 


Marcel Ruiz

Victor Garcia

Andres Martinez

Miguel Angel Sanmartin

Jaime Ferrer

Instructions in game. Have fun!

Install instructions

This is not a compiled game.

*You need Unity 2017.3.1f1 version which can be obtained at http://www.unity3d.com

*Download all the project files.  Install Unity.

*Select Open Project from the File menu,  click the "Open Other" button. From here you must navigate the project's base folder, this will contain the Assets and Library directories and (likely) others as well. Then select "Open Project".

*If you want to test and play the game you will need to press the Play Button in the Unity editor.


SlingVsKing.zip 446 MB